Sustainability News Roundup - August 2016

Here's a roundup of interesting sustainable business articles from this month.

Sustainability News Roundup 
August 2016

Here's a roundup of interesting articles on energy, carbon, the Paris Agreement and sustainability reporting

US and China agree to ratify Paris Climate Change Agreement
The Guardian: The US and China have agreed that they will ratify the Paris Agreement, a decision that is hailed by campaigners as a key moment in the battle against climate change.
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UK Carbon footprint rises
The Environmentalist: Government data indicates that the UK’s carbon footprint has increased by 3% between 2012 and 2013 largely due to a change in countries it sources goods from.
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Gaps found in world’s largest companies’ sustainability reporting
The Environmentalist: According to research, less than half of the companies listed on world stock exchanges have disclosed data on their greenhouse gases emissions.
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EU hits energy reduction target six years early
The Guardian: Europe achieves energy savings equivalent to switching off about 400 power stations ahead of its 2020 goals.
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Halogen spotlights to be phased out across Europe
The Guardian: New European regulations ban new orders of GU10 halogen spotlights and PAR30 halogen floodlights due to high energy waste.
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