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Frugal innovation - a lesson in design for the 21st Century

Frugal innovation is all about designing products from limited resources.

Developed in India and spreading quickly across emerging economies and into developed nations as well, the design paradigm frames resource scarcity as an opportunity and poorer populations as a market to serve, not as an objective of charity.

Product sustainability: An easy guide to life cycle assessment

With energy and raw material costs are high and rising, understanding the environmental impact of a product is proving to be an important tool for manufacturers. Brite Green associate consultant Michael Hill explains how using product footprinting can reduce costs, risk and environmental impacts at the same time in his easy guide to product assessment.

Assessing the sustainability performance of products

Understanding the environmental impacts of a product can provide an excellent insight into how to reduce manufacturing costs and create better products for customers, so here's our quick guide to product lifecycle assessment or LCA. 

Manufacturing: reduce costs and risk through resource efficiency

With manufacturers facing rising raw material and energy costs, increasing environmental legislation, and more focus from investors and customers on environmental issues, the business case to improve resource efficiency and environmental management is strong. Using a product lifecycle approach will identify new opportunities to reduce costs and risks, and improved inventory management will ensure that manufacturers are leaner and more responsive to customer demands.