ISO 50001: What can it offer your organisation

We are big fans of using dynamic management processes for environmental issues, and if energy is a significant cost for your business, ISO 50001 should definitely be on your radar.

Part of the ISO management system family of standards, ISO 50001 is a structured framework to manage your energy use effectively and has all the building blocks you’d expect to see, from policies, through to action plans and reporting.

A certified energy management systems (or EnMS) offers a lot of practical benefits to companies of all sizes:

  1. Cost savings

Better energy management means lower costs and for organisations where energy makes up a significant part of your operating costs, it can make a big difference. Some of our clients have reduced their energy costs by more than 50%.

  1. Demonstrate your commitment

For lots of businesses, being seen to be green and efficient can be as important as being efficient in the first place. With investors and customers taking more notice of a company’s environmental credentials, ISO 50001 offers an internationally-recognised way to demonstrate the high quality of your business and management team.

  1. Legal compliance

With more and more energy-related legislation coming into force, ISO 50001 can help make sure you stay compliant. By maintaining a legal register and undertaking regular compliance checks, you can be sure you’re on the right side of the law. On top of that, certification to ISO 50001 is also a direct route for compliance with the ESOS regulations.

So what makes ISO 50001 so effective?

Whether you certify the management system or not, there are some key parts of ISO 50001 that make it an effective tool for you to use to manage energy:

The energy review – targeted energy management
The energy review is the beating heart of ISO 50001. Using a data-led approach, you are able to identify the most important energy using systems and activities in your organisation, as well as they variables that can affect energy use. This allows you to target your energy reduction initiatives to drive down costs effectively.

It’s comprehensive
The ISO 50001 takes a comprehensive approach to managing energy, from procurement through to reporting. It sets out what you need from senior management and how to ensure everyone who can influence your energy performance has the right knowledge and training.

It’s flexible and dynamic
ISO 50001 is a flexible framework. It can be applied to any organisation, regardless of size or sector and because it’s based around a process to deliver continuous improvement, you are able to react and update your approach as your business grows or market conditions change.

For instance, we’ve used it to help universities develop better carbon management plans, meaning that they can move away from a static list of carbon reduction projects to a dynamic process to seek out, assess and implement new projects on an ongoing basis.