The healthy snack company tackling food waste in a tasty way

The global environmental and social challenges we face are also filled with new business opportunities. Snact makes sustainable snacks. They take ugly and unwanted fruit from British farmers to act on food waste. The fruit is blended into a smoothie then dried into fruit jerky on a family farm in Kent.

Snact started in 2013, when lifelong friends Michael and Ilana started to look at how they could tackle the problem of food waste. Matching their common interest in food and passion for sustainability, they created Snact. Snact makes deliciously sustainable snacks – saving fruit one bag at a time.  Snact is a great example of a company that has seen a sustainability problem (food waste) and created a business opportunity out of it.

What is Snact?
Snact is a social enterprise that makes fruit jerky snacks from unwanted and surplus fruit. Snact buys unwanted fruit from British farmers to turn into their tasty and sustainable snacks. Fruit that would not reach the shelves of supermarkets- because it either too big or small, too ugly or even too abundant. Snact’s innovative business model shows how value can be created by tackling an important social and environmental issue such as food waste.

The scale of the food waste problem and what Snact does to tackle it?
Each year 1.3 billion tonnes of food, about a third of all that is produced, is wasted. About 45% of that total is fruit and vegetables. This infographic does a good job at highlighting the extent of the problem. The scale of the problem is clearly huge. But Snact’s business model presents a solution, by actively reducing the amount of food that will go to waste. Instead of the fruit being discarded, Snact blends and dehydrates the fruit. The result is a tasty fruit jerky snack, which is now available in three flavours: apple and raspberry; apple and mango; and apple, blueberry and banana.

Snact offers a way to save some of the millions of tonnes of fruit and veg being discarded each year. ‘Saving fruit one bag at a time’ is one of the mottos of the company. At the start, they were saving fruit by the kilo, they are now saving it by the tonne. To date, they have saved over 50 tonnes of fruit from going to waste – the equivalent to 5.5 double decker buses. 

So the product is sustainable, what about the packaging?
The disposable food packaging on shelves across the country is typically non-recyclable. Plastic packaging ensures the contents remain protected but it isn’t great for the environment. Snact’s innovative approach extends to their packaging- they have recently introduced new compostable packaging. The innovative packaging is the first of its kind in the UK. Their new packaging is just as durable and impermeable as ordinary plastic- ensuring Snact’s fruit jerky snacks meet the mouths of ‘snactivists’ in perfect condition. But it can also break down within just 180 days in garden compost- similar to how an orange peel would.

Want to be a snactivist? 
Snact is now stocked at Ocado and in independent food stores across the country. Or you can buy directly from the Snact Online Store. And even better, we have an exclusive discount code-  use the code BRITEGREEN for 20% off your order.

Global Goals: Local Action
Brite Green are going to be at the this year’s EAUC conference, and we are bringing hundreds of Snact snacks with us. So, if you are going be there, be sure to pay us a visit.