Brite Green launch Mandatory Greenhouse Gas reporting Services with Optimum

Brite Green has teamed up with Optimum Consultancy to provide performance-focussed support to all companies who are caught by the upcoming Mandatory Greenhouse Gas reporting legislation. Our guidance paper is now available here.

The legislation, which comes into force this year, will require all UK quoted companies to report their global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the Directors’ Report. It is expected to be extended to all large companies from 2015.

This new legislation will require companies to capture data on energy use and emissions of all 5 Kyoto gasses and report it with a high level of scrutiny.  The reporting process, rather than being a burden to business, has the potential to identify significant cost and emissions savings.

Financial directors and chief sustainability officers have three main challenges: getting the first report right, reporting on an ongoing basis and delivering business benefits through carbon and cost reductions.

Our guide outlines the key steps to getting the reporting right and unlocking the business benefits that can be achieved through improved energy and carbon management.